Spa Specials

Treat yourself to a little extra relaxation and stress relief by booking one of my specials! I use only the best, high-quality organic ingredients that will leave your skin feeling healthy and moisturized.

Also, I have added a New Service, CBD Massage, and have new specials incorporating it into your session! Learn more about CBD. You can add it to any session for just $10. When booking an appointment, choose which service you would like to receive and add the CBD Massage Add-On.

Fall Pumpkin Special – Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub with Full Body Massage

Fall is here! Whether you’ve been running around getting ready for school, transitioning jobs or dealing with everyday stress, it’s important to save some time for yourself. Tension creeps into your body and can cause discomfort and exhaustion.

So enjoy my new Autumn Special which includes a full body massage along with my freshly made, organic pumpkin spice brown sugar scrub, which will be removed with hot, steamy towels. You will have your choice of an upper body scrub (back, arms and hands) or a lower body scrub (back, legs and feet). This session will focus dedicated time to the areas you need, and leave you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Afterwards, continue to enjoy this amazing aroma at home with a special 4 oz. jar of my homemade, organic pumpkin spice body butter which smells so rich and offers that deep, penetrating moisturizing effect your skin so needs. So what are you waiting for! Book this ultimate experience today!

Enjoy this 90 minute session for $142

Enjoy this 2 hour session for $179

Full Body Scrub and CBD Massage

With a gentle exfoliation your skin will feel renewed and invigorated! Not everyone knows of the benefits CBD can have for your body. And by exfoliating your skin you will be able to absorb it well and get the deepest sense of relaxation. CBD has long been used as a supplement for muscular and joint pain, and I encourage you to learn more here.

So for this special, you will receive a full body scrub made with ultra-moisturizing shea butter, to get rid of dry and dead skin cells. The scrub will then be removed with hot steamy towels as your body locks in moisture. Then receive ultimate relaxation as you receive a full body massage using my CBD-infused, homemade, luxurious massage oil. To top it off, you will continue to feel the effects at home, as you will take with you one of my 4 oz. jars of Organic CBD Body Butter.

Enjoy this 60 minute session for $99

Enjoy this 90 minute session for $136

Enjoy this 2 hour session for $172

Full Body Massage with Dead Sea Scrub and Mud Treatment

No ocean theme would be complete without these ingredients! Now I bring the Dead Sea to you in this mineral-enriched special designed to cleanse your skin and make you feel like a whole new person. Enjoy a full body massage with a back scrub infused with pure Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt. While the mud works to unclog pores and get rid of excess oil and dead skin cells, I will focus dedicated time to your legs and feet. Then the scrub will be removed with hot steamy towels and you will receive even more dedicated focus on all that tension that’s caused knots in your back and shoulders. This dual exfoliation will allow your body to fully absorb the luxurious, moisturizing nourishment of my homemade organic massage oil and all the richness the Dead Sea has to offer.

Enjoy this 75 minute session for $110

Enjoy this 90 minute session for $132

Enjoy this 2 hour session for $169

Full Body Massage with Aloe-Infused Foot or Back Scrub

Have you been wanting to have a vacation from all the stress lately? Then for this tropical special, enjoy a full body massage with your choice of a back or foot scrub removed with hot steamy towels, as well as dedicated time toward your head and neck using pure, organic prickly pear seed oil. This scrub is made with freshly harvested aloe we grow ourselves, celtic sea salt, and raw shea butter.

Everyone knows how good aloe is for your skin. It contains antioxidants, exfoliating enzymes, Vitamin A & C, and is highly anti-inflammatory. Prickly pear seed oil works in concert with aloe as it has anti-wrinkle properties and brightens your complexion. Celtic sea salt, rich in micro-nutrients, also offers nourishment as it alkalizes your body, increases your energy, and promotes restful sleep. Let your worries fade away with this soothing massage, and help your body to heal.

Enjoy this 90 minute session for $127

Enjoy this 2 hour session for $164

Full Body Massage with Chocolate Orange Peel Sugar Scrub & Free Organic Body Butter

Is your body aching for a little attention? Then this decadent indulgence is just for you! Let the worries of the world slip away as you enjoy a full body massage with my homemade Peruvian cocoa butter oil and orange peel sugar scrub. This rich and creamy cocoa butter has been successfully used in ancient civilizations to promote maximum healing for dry skin, poison ivy, stretch marks, sunburns and more! And the scrub really ups the ante when it comes to health benefits for your skin, as orange peels are full of Vitamins AB&C, calcium, magnesium, and copper, which helps your skin retain moisture and encourages the repair of skin damage. You will love the chocolatey aroma of this oil and the orange peel sugar scrub will leave you wanting more!

Enjoy this 75 minute session with foot scrub for $105

Enjoy this 90 minute session with back scrub for $127

Enjoy this 2 hour session with full body scrub for $169 and you will take a home a Free Organic Body Butter of your choice!

close up photo of himalayan salt
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage (Hot Stone)

Himalayan salt has 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements. When heated, it emits negative ions, delivering a myriad of health benefits such as protection against germs in the air. Getting a Himalayan salt stone massage is incredibly relaxing and will lightly exfoliate your skin as it helps improve circulation and help support a healthy respiratory system. In this technological world we live in now, phones and computers and other electronics interfere with the natural flow of energy within our bodies. These stones have a structure and frequency that helps to realign that flow of energy and restore balance in your nervous system. I highly recommend you try these if you’ve never had a hot stone massage.

Enjoy this 70 minute session for $103

Enjoy this 90 minute session for $130

Enjoy this 2 hour session for $167

Enjoy one of these Specials!